Bayside JetDrive posed a unique challenge for our marketing team because it was a boat dealership that did a lot more than just selling boats. We needed a way to showcase all their inventory as well as elaborate on all the distinct services that they provide. They had a small following on social media but it was time to blow that out of the water. We took professional photos & videos of their inventory, show-room, and even services. We knew that in order to gain any traction online we needed a good mix of fun and engaging posts mixed with our advertisement focused content. Another important factor was driving in click to calls, we had to motivate potential customers to want to make a phone call. The results from our unique content proved to be very successful.


Starting of fast we were able to build to 2,000 followers in just under a year. We needed to differentiate from other boat dealers by not being to pushy with our sales & advertising content. By using social media to promote new models Bayside was able to sell out their entire inventory
of new boats, something they has never come close to accomplishing before. Potential customers were organically looking at our social media pages with a reach anywhere from 5k to 10k per week. Another amazing result was the introduction of pre-owned inventory. We would take professional photos & videos of every pre-owned item. The average amount of days our pre-owned inventory was on the lot was 6 days. People now how the ability to see used inventory from a trusted dealer.

increase in sales of pre-owned

average reach per week

page likes in 1 year