Fifer’s Orchards has been around for over 100 years making it one of the oldest farms in the Delmarva Peninsula. They have a ton of support from the community as a well rounded family farm. Their social media accounts were already well established boasting over 20,000 followers on their facebook page. Because interaction with customers was hugely important to the success of their farm they were simply getting too high of volume of inquiries. We took over their social media in 2017 to not only continue building their brand but also to effectively deal with that volume. Our strategy was simple, provide customers with pictures, videos, shopping opportunities, and giveaways, so that their social media pages would go hand in hand with their rebuilt website. The results were remarkable, not only generating more traffic to their social media pages, but in turn, getting conversions on their webpage.


In 2 short years, the facebook page went from 20k followers to well over 34k followers. Our average engagement on a post jumped 32%. The community was responding to these new videos and photos asking for more content on all the behind the scenes at Fifer’s Orchards. Another important element that helped drive traffic was our giveaways. Everyone likes free stuff, so we packaged that around an incentive to click through to the website and potentially place an order. The engagement on videos and gifs (moving photos)also jumped up 26% not only working into facebook’s new algorithm but doing so organically (no ad budget) Fifer’s Orchards reaches an average of 10,700k customers per week, the best organic reach of any of our clients.

increase in post engagement

new followers in 1 year

average reach per week